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Unlike a bunk, which frame supports a pair of beds stacked one above the other, a high bed has a raised by a mattress frame. The kids loft beds design also allows the inclusion of accessories, such as a desk, drawers, a wardrobe, a futon or a playground, below it. kids loft beds come in […]

adult loft bed designs

Loft bed designs are an open space concept that has no clear distinction between living areas. Bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens flow into each other and are visible to one another. style of bed is an important feature in a loft bedroom because of lack of privacy or walls between rooms. bed should add to […]

attractive diy loft bed

Diy loft bed can be a bed in a mezzanine and a raised platform bed with space activity under same or a multipurpose that creates a room within room two floors furniture. If you have ceiling height – and sometimes even without it – clever use of space provided by loft beds results in an […]

classic lofted bed

A lofted bed can provide the privacy you need. You can Use lofted bedroom to maximize space. There are different styles to choose from to meet your needs. Choose a high bed with desk space and built-in storage, so there is a place to study or use of a computer and to store things. Use […]

Adult Lofting a Bed

Lofting a bed – The height of the bed is very varied, but there are a few standard beds height from which can be used as a guide in planning the project’s bedroom. A typical height for platform bed is about 18 inches (46 cm) from the mattress to the floor, according to This […]

Multicolor for Girls Loft Bed with Slide

Girls loft bed with slide – incredible cheap bunk beds with slide for kids are perfect for small children. Bunk with slides for children is a single piece of bedroom furniture that adds a playground to a bed space. The girls loft bed with slide carrying a princess theme. Princess beds are excellent for growth […]

Twin Over Full Loft Bed L Shaped

Twin over full loft bed – Normally, bunk beds are often associated with children’s rooms and college dorm rooms. With most of the bunk beds manufactured in the past aimed at children, the most grown ups avoided bunk beds due to lack of classic designs and appropriate adults and the lack of full size bunk […]

Small Twin Low Loft Bed

Twin low loft bed – When you have two or more children sleeping in the same room, bunk beds are a good way to let them have their own beds and do not have the space of committed room. Your older children can sleep on the top bunk and your little ones can sleep on […]

Best step 2 loft bed

Kids preferred bed is a step 2 loft bed. Parents have a reason for building a loft bed floor is storage space created by its height from the ground. From rooms of some children do not have enough storage space; a step 2 loft bed is perfect for portable storage units fit under the bed. […]

best white twin loft bed

Nice places where you can truly relax for a good night’s sleep are the basic requirements for a good start to the day. And a well-equipped sleep is important, therefore, the right bed to choose! For example if you have a partner, is a double bed really helps. With a twin bed, you can sleep […]